BCL Chat: #RitasSoWhite and Your Unpopular Book Opinions

This is our most scandalous episode yet. We discuss the month's biggest controversies and OMG! moments, including #RITAsSoWhite, #BagelGate and Shangela. Who exactly is RITA and what's her problem? Why aren't authors of color getting the shine they deserve? Why can't the RWA just set fire to the whole award season? We try our best to answer these questions, but tbh, we don't come away satisfied. Here are some of the resources we mentioned during the episode:

Also, earlier this month, we asked y'all to share your unpopular book opinions. And, boy, did you deliver, bringing shade for a whole bunch of tropes, books and authors. Thanks to all who answered this month's chat! Be sure to read up for our next episode, My Sister, The Serial Killer, by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

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