Episode 33: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Winter is coming. That means it's time for us to dive into the world of fantasy ( ... er, or into fantasy worlds).

This episode, we read N.K. Jemisin's 2010 debut novel, The Hundred Thousand KingdomsMollie wasn't kidding when she said this was a sexy book. Gods sexing up gods. Gods sexing up humans. Humans sexing up their cousins. It's wild, y'all. But, in the midst of all the sexy times, there's a deftly crafted murder mystery that took us the majority of the episode to unspool. Listen in and follow along! 

Get ready for the next episode, our annual End-of-Year retrospective. We'll chat about the bookish good, bad and the ugly. Got something you want say? Tweet us at @blackchicklit or email us at contact@blackchicklit.com.

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